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Holistic Care Space for Japanese Page あまぬてらす鍼灸治療院

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for Acupunture and Holistic Healing

907-0022 181 Kawa Ishigaki Okinawa 2nd Floor
in front of Hakuai clinic as well as Miyara donchi

571-7Goanjyo Hikone City Shiga

Medical and Clinical Massage and Joints adjustments

Practice in Ishigaki Island and Hiikone, Shiga
Classes and workshop: Taoist and Shidda Yoga meditation classes Shiatsu and Healing arts class fro pro and amature

For appointment 090-8239-1654

For how to get to the clinic froe subway m thin English, See below

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At Ishigaki Triathlon World Cup races

Mission Statement

After studying In San Francisco, I went back to Kyoto and taught Holistic Health at Kyoto University of Art and Design.

I moved to Ishigaki Island and kept practicing and Healing. there I met lots of Triathlon elite athletes and worked on them. That was a great study for my carrier. I kept brush uping my techniques and

I can say I can heal those whom I could not heat three years ago.

I am still learning from my clients every day

It is fan and very meaningful for me. have moved to Sendai and just opened


Acupuncture and Moxa Treatment, Shiatsu (Lesson available). Joints adjustments from traditional Martial Arts like Judo Chinese Kunfu, Osteopathy, Soft Chiropractic with Double Hand Re-coil techniques, Sotaiho, Connective tissue Deep massage, Anpuku or Hara Massage (Deep abdominal massage) Kinesiology and kinesiology taping, Light Treatment (Carbon lights)

Good for

All acute and chronic pains Difficulty in Mobility

Fatigues from sports, professional and high-amateur, amature sports Needs different skills.

Chronic fatigues,

Sleeping disorder,

Infertility Treatment, Easy birth massage and adjustments


Aesthetic massage and treatment

<<Menu and Price for a partial treatment >

Free examination fee untill the end of March

Fingers and list joint 2000yen

Elbow and Ankle 2500~yen

Sholder and Knee 3000円yen
Frozen sholder     5000yen

Hip joint and pelvis adjustment from 5000yen

Facial adjustment; facial line 5000yen

Small face adjustment 2000yen

Neck and back from 5000yen

<<<<<Whole Body Treatment>>>>>

Whole Body works without Acupuncture from 6000yen

Whole body acupunture; from 3000yen

Holistic all body Treatment; from 7000yen

Infertility Treatment, Easy birth massage and after birth adjustments from 5000yen

Additional Treatment to the same part

from 2000yen to 2500yen

Palliative Care is possible (Needs contacts )

About therapist and treatment

Well experiences of 38 years with High-touch techniques


2011 Barbara Gold medalist of Ishigaki Triathlon World cup,

I got the bouquet and crown for thanks. 3rd and 4th are also my clients.

Five of my clients went to London Olympic.

Not only tri-athlates but also other pros came from all over the worldand I have given treatments to them. Many local diving Instructorsand guides are my cilents.

Not only triathletes but also other pros came from all over the world and I have given treatments to them. Many local diving Instructors and guides are my clients.

Not only the athletes but also, patients with chronic mobility difficulties came to my clinics for help.

Masa Hal Iwasaki

Holistic Care Space "Aman Terrace"

Academic background and teaching experiences:


BA English from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Licenced in Acupuncture and Moxa treatment, Annma, Shiatus, massage.

Master of East-West psychology from California Institute of Integral Psychology


Studied Psychosynthesis from Psychosynthesis Training San Francisco

Teaching assistant at Institute of Holistic Healing at San Francisco State University.

Taught Holistic Health at Kyoto University of Art and Design

Coaching Guide of Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis Japan network (


Teaching Yoga Meditaion at Sansyuin of Tenryuji temple Kyoto.

Teaching Shiatu in English in Kyoto fro 30 years.


Psycosynthyesis, General Semantics, Guided Image Works, Sensory Awareness, Taoist Meditation (Manipulation of Chi energy), Taichi


Message from The therapist

I have studied and practicing various Eastern Healing Arts such as Acupuncture and Moxa treatment, various massages, adjusting joints, Sotaiho for 38 years.

 I hope I can help those who are in trouble of pains and mobility difficulties. Also, I am willing to guys who are in
who are interested in learning  meditation techniques and Healing arts in Sendai. 

It is my pleasure to work those who are in troubles and feel very happy to have seen them become better and performed well and got great results.

I will do my best to help those who come from all the way from all over the world.

Pray for your quick recovery, improvements, and become happy and peacefull,

and attain what you have dreamed of in Life

Hoping to seeing you soon.

Holistic Care Space Aman-Terrace

Hal Iwasaki


For your wellness

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